Income Trust

Investment objectives

The objective of the Income Trust is to provide investors with a quarterly income distribution and potential for capital growth by outperforming the 90 day bank bill index by 1.0% (after fees) over rolling three year periods. It is designed to provide investors with a quarterly income stream and potential for capital growth.

Investor profile

Suitable for investors seeking a regular income and a medium-term investment of at least three years.

Note: Investment returns will fluctuate, with the possibility of a negative return in some periods. Further details regarding the risk profile of this investment option can be found here

Investment policy

Predominantly invests in income producing investments. The Income Trust can invest in securities issued by government authorities, corporations and financing vehicles, and can include the following:

  • cash and fixed interest securities
  • hybrid securities (securities that have characteristics of both debt and equity)
  • mortgages up to 66.6% (⅔) of valuation secured over commercial, industrial and residential real estate in Australia
  • mortgage backed securities that provide regular interest payments, similar to that of fixed interest securities, and are backed by a pool of mortgages by way of securitisation.

Catholic Values Investment policy

Investments must qualify on investment fundamentals and are then screened for compliance with our Catholic Values Investment policy. Global equities and property assets are invested via existing wholesale unlisted Trusts. Therefore, the application of the policy within these asset classes is on a 'best fit' basis and some restricted activities may be permitted.

Returns (as at 31st December 2017)

%MonthQuarterFYTDYear 1Year 3Year 5
Income Trust Performance0.310.851.733.985.536.81

Strategic Asset Allocation



Unit Prices
Catholic Values Trust Income Trust
Date Entry price Exit price Entry price Exit price
13 February 2018 $1.1865 $1.1806 $0.7487 $0.7472
12 February 2018 $1.1813 $1.1754 $0.7485 $0.7470
09 February 2018 $1.1825 $1.1766 $0.7483 $0.7468
08 February 2018 $1.1901 $1.1841 $0.7489 $0.7474
07 February 2018 $1.1874 $1.1815 $0.7489 $0.7474
06 February 2018 $1.1843 $1.1784 $0.7485 $0.7470
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