Why Choose Us?


Whether you’re investing in one of our Trusts or a bespoke Individually Managed Account, CCI Asset Management has a team of highly experienced financial experts to guide you through the process. The team has successfully managed CCI’s own investment portfolio for more than 20 years, administrating over $1.4 billion in funds under management.

And our Investment Committee consists of industry leaders with expertise in the areas of investment management, law, auditing and governance. From the Board of Directors to our Executive Management team, you can be confident your investment is in safe hands.

Investing in Catholic values

We understand the unique needs of the Church better than any other investment company in Australia. We have a superior screening process that ensures your funds are invested in socially responsible manner, and in accordance with the Catholic Values policy.

All companies we invest in are reviewed to ensure their activities are broadly consistent with Catholic values and principles. We also invest in companies that support and sustain people in a socially just manner, and who conduct business in an environmentally sound way.

Where external fund managers are used, they are selected for their ability to identify investment opportunities in companies producing or marketing products and services that support sustainable development, that are socially responsible, and that contribute to a more just society. 

Catholic Values Policy 


Excluded industries

Abortifacients and Contraceptives
IVF & Foetal Stem Cell Research

​Ongoing Research

Fossil fuels
Thermal & brown coal (lignite)
Direction from the Papal encyclical
Further investment in renewables sector

​Excluded Conduct

Child labour
Corruption & Dictatorial Regmines
Lack of labour rights
Wages and conditions below minimum standard
Environmental damage

​Ongoing Client Engagement

Client feedback
Progressive policy

Profit Sharing

Just like our parent company, Catholic Church Insurance, CCI Asset Management is committed to giving back to the Catholic community. 

All clients will share in the success of the company with a proportion of annual profits reinvested into your portfolio. It’s something very few, if any, of our competitors do. And it highlights our dedication to giving back to the Church and Church organisations.