To provide long term performance for the benefit of church, while investing in a manner consistent with our Catholic Values and delivering excellent service.

About Us

CCI Asset Management is a Church-owned company that exists to protect the Catholic Church, its assets and its people. As you'd expect, we understand the unique needs of the Church better than any investment company in Australia.

Only entities associated with the Catholic Church such as diocese, religious institutes and charitable institutions, are able to invest in CCI Asset Management Trusts and Individually Managed Accounts. While Individually Managed Accounts are tailored to specific client needs, the Investment Trusts are designed for medium to long-term investments of Church funds. This ensures capital is available for the care of clergy in advanced age and infirmity, as well as to support the Church's pastoral missions.

Charitable Investment Scheme

CCI Asset Management (CCIAM) and the Trusts are recognised by ASIC as a charity within the meaning of the Regulatory Guide 87 issued by ASIC. ASIC Corporations (Charitable Investment Fundraising) Instrument 2016/813 treats the Trusts as charitable investment schemes.

As a Charitable Investment scheme the Trusts are exempt from fundraising, managed investment and licensing provisions of the Corporations Act 2001. Furthermore, CCIAM is exempt from the requirement to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Please refer to CCIAM's identification statement below.

Identification Statement

Annual Report

The Annual Report describes both CCIAM and the Trusts's activities undertaken for the financial year to meet the needs of the Catholic Church, regulatory obligations and contribute towards achieving our mission. See the Financial Statements for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

CCIAM Annual Financial Report 2019 CCIAM Annual Financial Report 2018     CCIAM Financial Statement 2017   CCIAM Financial Statement 2016
CCIAM Income Trust Financial Accounts 2019 CCIAM CVT Annual Financial Statements 2018 Catholic Values Trust Financial Statement 2017 Catholic Values Trust Financial Statement 2016
CCIAM Catholic Values Unit Trust Financial Accounts 2019 CCIAM Income Unit Trust Financial Statements 2018 Income Trust Financial Statement 2017 Income Trust Financial Statement 2016
  • CCI Asset Management Board

    CCI Asset Management has a team of highly experienced financial experts guiding the company. From the Board of Directors to our management team, you can be confident your funds are in sure hands.

    • Joan Fitzpatrick

      Joan Fitzpatrick has 20 years' experience as a non-executive director across a range of industry sectors. Qualified as a barrister, Joan has completed 16 years as...

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    • Richard M Haddock
      Board Member

      Richard Haddock joined the Board in July 2011. He commenced his professional life as a lawyer and in 2012, was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for...

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    • Reverend Dr Phillip Marshall
      Board Member

      Rev Dr Philip Marshall is Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia of the Adelaide Archdiocese. He studied at Adelaide University and then worked in the area of...

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    • Matthew Doquile
      Board Member

      Matthew joined the Board during 2019, and is a long-standing and accomplished insurance professional with more than 20 years of industry experience in Australia...

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  • Investment Department

    • Shali Lingaretnam
      Head of Investments

      Shali joined CCI in 2008 and manages both the CCI and CCI Asset Management portfolios, along with the operational management of the investment team. Shali has more...

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    • William Manuel
      Head of Asset Management

      William joined CCI in 2016 with more than 30 years market experience across banking and insurance institutions in Australia and the UK. He has previously worked...

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    • David Smith
      Business Development Manager​

      With more than 15 years experience in finance, David is responsible for managing, developing and broadening CCI Asset Management's client relationships. David...

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    • David Chen
      Quantitative Analyst

      David joined the CCI Asset management team in August 2016 and performs quantitative analysis to identify potential investment buy and sell opportunities. He also...

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    • Vinny Le
      Portfolio Manager

      Vinny joined CCI in 2018 as portfolio manager for CCI and CCI Asset Management portfolios. With over 17 years of investment market experience, Vinny previously...

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